Plan and Party Camp

July 18th to July 21st 2019

Adults 18 - 25

Registration Deadline May 1st 2019

You'll form invaluable relationships with those on similar paths as well as become more familiar with the Hollywood film acting industry.

Move Me to Hollywood provides an exceptionally complete and FUN program for film industry professionals making a life-changing move.

 ✅ Financial Planning  ✅ Agents Panel (optional)
 ✅ Roommate Matching  ✅ Overview of Acting Tools (headshots, resumes and reels)
 ✅ Tour Los Angeles  ✅ Networking Workshop
 ✅ Job Counseling  ✅ Virtual Tour of Universities and Acting Studios
 ✅ Immigration Workshop  ✅ Social Media for Actors
 ✅ Union Overview  ✅ Goal Planning
 ✅ Proactive Work Search Avenues for Actors  ✅ On-going Support After the Program is Over


Day 1

Welcome to Los Angeles!

Check in

Program Overview and introductions

Los Angeles film industry VS Other growing industries

Goal Plan Workshop 1: Your Initial transition - Finding a job, living options and building contacts


Mingle, mixer and PARTY with MMTH staff and fellow students: A how-to and Practice Seminar

Day 2

Workshops and LA Mixer - This is SCHMOOZE business not show business - NETWORK!

10:00am to 2:00pm Workshops - CHOOSE TWO
  • Virtual Tour on Education: L.A. based Universities, Conservatories and Acting Studios
  • Immigration Workshop: How to obtain working papers and sponsorship
  • Master Class: How to secure representation, unions and industry trends
  • Marketing Tools for the film industry professional.
  • 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm ALL PARTICIPANTS
    Off to Downtown Los Angeles
    Business Etiquette - Listen, learn and practice!

    A HOLLYWOOD - Mix and Mingle Social Event

    (Optional evening activities throughout Los Angeles. Return to campus by splitting car service costs)

    Day 3

    MAJOR SCOUTING EVENT - Get signed!

    9:00am - 1:00pm Present your monologue to agents, managers and production companies

    2pm to 5pm Los Angeles Bus Tour- Includes:
  • Safe and affordable housing in convenient areas
  • Learn the lay of the land! We'll explore the pockets of where the industry ticks
  • We end our day with an informative Q&A and possible roommate situations initiated
  • Fun stops along the way!
  • 7:00pm to 9:00pm
    Goal Plan Workshop 2: Meet with a financial planner!

    Day 4


  • 9:00am Let’s Confirm your game plan and get the ball rolling!
  • 10:30pm Virtual Networking- Branding, social mingling on LinkedIn and other SM platfoms
  • 11:30am Headshots and Resume workshop
  • 2:00pm End of event / the beginning of your HOLLYWOOD LIFE!
  • Questions? Concerns? Clarification? Email us anytime!

    Hollywood relocation camp is a small investment for such an exceptionally complete itinerary.

    Room, MOST* meals and all activities are included!! Tuition only $950


    *six meals are not included